The Passaic County Cougars will attempt to field a minimum of 5 teams for the 2022 football season. The ages and divisions are as follows :


          5 - 8U– Unlimited Weight Flag

8- 9U – Unlimited Weight

9U -10U – Unlimited Weight

11 - 12U – Unlimited Weight

12 - 13U - Unlimited Weight 

The organization is ability to field all of the teams mentioned above is contingent upon having a minimum of 18 players and a maximum of 25 players per team. If for any reason there is an insufficient amount of players for a division,  the players on the affected team will have the option of moving up to the next level, if it is determined by the coaching staff that it is safe to do so. If it’s determined that it would be unsafe for the players or players

in question to move up the 2nd option is moving to a different organization with sufficient players in the affected division. 

All players are required to meet the age requirement established by the perspective league that we as an organization participates in.

                *note at coaches discretion a player can be moved up to next level without consent of parent*