Parent Rules

  1. The parent/guardian will be required to sign a waiver for each participating player.

  2. No parents are allowed on the field during practice or games.

  3. Any parent that abuses, show disrespect,  or intimidates an official or coach will be asked to leave the practice or game.

  4. All parents are expected at all, times to show good SPORTSMANSHIP,  whether we win or lose a game.

  5. There is no smoking on the field

  6. There is to be no drinking of alcoholic beverages on or around the field.

  7. Parents ARE NOT allowed to ride on the team bus. If an exception is ever made to this rule,  under no circumstances should a parent board the team bus before a team member.  If a parent is found to be in violation of the above courtesy, they have forfeited the right to ride the Passaic County Cougars bus and will be asked to exit the bus.

   8. We encourage you to come out to your child's practice and games.

   9. Parent(s)/ Guardian must attend all your parents mandatory meeting.

   10. Parent(s)/ Guardian must participate in fundraisers.  



As a parent, if you have a problem with something or someone,  please do not hesitate to notify a coach or a team parent. If your child is having problem with something or someone,  please notify the coach.

Your child was given a set of similar rules and regulations which they must abide by. In Addition, if your child has been warned at least two times regarding his behavior during practice or a game,  he will be suspended. 

We as parents are here to help each other, but we’re not a babysitter service.  Therefore, please pick-up your child in a timely manner after practice and game, as to not inconvenience another parent or the coaches. We must be considerate of each other and work together.

In order to allow the coaches to do their jobs, we need team parents to help with issues that may arise during or after practice and / or game. These parents will help coordinate fundraising as well as group gathering.  Through mutual respect and understanding, this year can be the best ever.

Child Name__________________________________             Age_____                    Team________

Parent/ Guardian_______________________________                             Date__________