We are the Passaic County (PC) Cougars, a National Youth Football Program out of the Great City of Paterson, NJ are currently positioning ourselves for the start of the 2018 Season. Leading the surge into the 2018 are James McWilliams, Andre Allen, Joshua McWilliam, Kitt Pommells and Norris Washington  Combined we have over 50 years of coaching and mentorship experience with the youths of Paterson, both in little league and on high school levels.  We are looking to use the old Paterson Catholic Field or Bauerle Field for our Home games and practice field.

Passaic County Cougars Inc. is a non-profit after school organization that will use academic enrichment programs, such as tackle football, cheerleading, basketball, wrestling and track-n-field as a way to fill that void and help our youth from the ages 5-14 become academically motivated and physically fit to go the next level in their lives. We will also provide mentorship services, life skills enrichment and help with choosing a school placement, advice and counseling.   

There are many that have professional careers in the work field that are giving back with their valuable time to the community and making a great impact on our youth of today. We are looking to pick up were it was left off and build on the word CHARACTER knowing that is where it all starts, when no one is looking..

Our goal is to continue to add to the already rich history in a different non-traditional way.  As coaches, mentors, and potential role models we must be at our best, both on and off the field.  We are not looking to build just a football team but a program that our youth can call home all the way through their high school years, while providing that high school sports atmosphere and experience in full.  Our program staff (including coaches) will give nothing but our best.  We will be inviting our parents and residents to give the same as well.

There have been and still are so many others who surround the city that see the special qualities, talent and potential both athletic and academic that our youth possess and invite our youth to become a part of their programs.  We want to provide our youth with those same, if not, better opportunities and when they have reached the end of our program and are ready to move to the next level of their lives they can say “I was a part of something special right here in the City of Paterson, where I was born and raised and I am proud to be Paterson Strong”!!!   


Passaic County Cougars