Time & Attendance

Parents and players are reminded that all players are required to report 2 hours before the start time of any home game and 1 hour before the bus start to leave for away games, this extra time allow the coaching staff to evaluate personnel and conduct equipment checks. Parents and players are also reminded that all players

are required to attend every practice and report 30 minutes prior to the start time.

Passaic County Cougars accepts all players between the ages of 5 and 14 years old. We are an open competitive organization meaning all rosters spots are earned, not given. Players have an opportunity to earn a rosters spot by fulfilling the organizations education requirements, coming to all Practices and workouts, being on time being disciplined, dedicated and showing commitment to the game of football  

Players are expected to consistently bring in updated progress report or report cards; from their schools for our review.  Players are expected to maintain at lease C+ grade average.  If a player is having trouble with a

school subject,  please notify us so that we can schedule tutorial sessions to assist them.

All, players are required to attend all practices. The players are to be in their practice equipment at all times unless otherwise advised. 


It is the responsibility of the parents/players to stay informed about the practice schedule and location. If a

player misses one practice during the week,  please call or have your parent call with a valid excuse. 

However,  if you miss more than one practice during the week, you’re unable to participate in the scheduled game for that week, but are still required to attend the upcoming game for support, unless a valid reason is

given for a players not to be able to attend the game.


If a child gets in trouble at home or in school, please bring our child to practice. The child will not participate in practice but will put in a special program that will help organized the child in his discipline.

                                                              "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FINISH"