The Passaic County Cougars are founded by James McWilliams and Andre Allen. Our city of Paterson is in a great need of a AAU football league.  Too many kids are walking the streets and not playing any little league or high school sports. We are looking to fill the void that our kids are facing day in an day out. We have a purpose in our lives to fill that void that plagues our community.  Our Commitment to starting something new

and staying dedicated to the cause of changing lives for the better.

Knowing the tradition of Paterson Catholic and the field where all the winning took place we will be honored to use Paterson Catholic old field and capture some of that great tradition that was left behind and bring it back through our organization. 


The City of Paterson is full of history and traditions that  dates back into the late 1700’s. The Passaic County Cougars Organization's objective is to continue that history, emulating one of Paterson most successful high school program that produced successful athletes such as Pro Basketball player Tim Thomas, James Scott, Faquan Edwards, Pro football players Jason Perry, Stanley Jackson and Pro-Bowl Wide Receiver and Super Bowl Champion Victor Cruz, Mike Adams, Gerald Haynes, TJ Cummings

We are currently in the process of building our structure for the organization by obtaining our 501c3 and LLC.